Can you imagine your home without windows? The answer is a big No! Let’s get to know windows a little more. Windows facilitate the entry of natural light indoors enables to enjoy the views of neighborhood/locality. They keep the house cross ventilated. Windows are the traditional requirement that each house must have. They play a huge role in how the house looks. It reflects the personality of the owner. Being in fenestration industry I have realized people often have fewer options of windows to choose from. Windows increase the looks of home aesthetically, but the quality & durability is often neglected or compromised on, reason being either the lack of knowledge about the quality and variations available or may be windows are not given many thoughts about.

Windows play different roles in different areas of the home eg it permits the escape of hot air in the kitchen, escape of steam in the bathroom, and gives you fresh air in your living area and bedroom. Efficiency plays a major role in customized windows.

Safety and security, this is where the windows quality plays a major role. Talking about quality when it comes to windows, one often think it’s just a window with the tracks, frame, sliding frame and glasses, yes its true but these are just the visible parts of a window, internally the have a lot of hardware eg PVC, rollers also called as bearings in fenestration industry, wool pile, screws etc.. These are just to name the few hardware used in windows. If the material used is not of standard quality, it is often seen that the rollers start giving troubles, occurrence of dents in aluminum frame, difficult to clean dust tracks. This is just about the materials used in windows. Next blog we will try to put light on colour options and the role the fabrication plays.

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