Casement windows are fixed windows with aluminium frames on all four sides with glass beading done through gaskets. These are widely used in small opening areas in house or apartment like Kitchen, Dining area, Study area, Bedroom and Bathroom window. These are also used in Hotels, O ices, Utility areas and community centres.


Secured Glass

The glasses are locked and sealed with three point gaskets that protect the glass from high wind pressures, rain and many other environmental objects.

Silicone Sealant

The windows are covered with silicone sealant which seals it and protects you from harsh weather conditions.

Long Lasting Lock

These windows come with premium locks that are not only easily lockable but are also resilient and long lasting.

40 mm

  • Glasses available in European Grid Format.
  • Available in both fixed aswell as openable (hinged) variation.
  • Openable variation is available in both top hinged and side hinged profile.
  • Available in both single point & multi point lock systems.


Max Width762 mm
Max Height1823 mm
Single Glass5 mm

Optional Amenities

Double Glass

Double Glass can add extra sound resilience.

Optional Specifications

Double Glass18 mm
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