Sliding Folding system is when one panel is a door at either left or right while the other panels slide and fold. Sliding folding system for Balcony, O ice partition for Conference rooms, halls, Banquets, Living rooms.


Long Lasting Lock

The Sliding Folding System comes with premium locks that are not only easily lockable but are also resilient and long lasting.

IP 65

Our windows are rated IP 65 which means that it protects you from both solid aswell as liquid objects like dust and water.

Epidium Gasket

Our windows use epidium gasket that completely seals and protects the window from various environment changes like high wind pressure, rain and other adverse weather conditions.

  • Panels available in both framed and frameless versions.
  • Inside and Outside installation as per site.
  • Base track and Trackless sliding system.
  • Available with an optional door on either ends in linear sliding folding system.


Max Height3000 mm
Max Width1500 mm
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